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Buy Used Fender Stratocaster

The price of a used guitar depends on the condition, rarity and popularity of the model. Some guitars hold their value better than others, for example the saving on Gibson and Fender guitars tends to be less than on other brands. Also if the guitar is no longer in production or a vintage model, then it will command a higher price. In this case, the guitar may end up costing more than when it was originally purchased.

buy used fender stratocaster

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When viewing a used guitar online, you will notice the condition of the instrument is also listed. Here are the most common descriptions of the condition. However, keep in mind that some websites will have slightly different definitions so be sure to check this carefully before making any purchases.

In mid-1956, the body tonewood changed from ash to alder due to cost. Alder is a more abundant wood, easier to work with and also absorbs less paint. This tonewood is warmer than ash, as it features a focused frequency curve in the mids. The alder is great for those looking for a versatile Stratocaster that sounds good with clean and saturated audios.

The most important change in these years is the implementation of the rosewood slab -flat base- fretboards in 1959. Because the maple of the fingerboard was stained once the lacquer was removed because of playing, the rosewood is implemented. The rosewood, already used by Gibson, in brown color does not stain, keeping the aesthetics unaltered. The rosewood fingerboard has a rounder and warmer tone than the maple fingerboard. This is because it is a wood with a lot of presence of mids frequencies and not as many highs as maple.

Hi Kisen, thanks for your comment! Fender Japan started in 1982, in order to compete with Japanese copies, afterwards Japan started to be a expensive country and they continued the production for the Japanese market. They are great guitars, especially the Vintage Series / Japanese Vintage (JV). There are also many great Signature models made in Japan as Kotzen one. The weak point of Japanese guitars used to be the pickups and the electronics. Read this interesting article about Squier history that tells about Fender Japan history.

Looking to understand the value of what I have. You may have heard this a million times but I do have a one owner ( my dads ) all original mint 1962 fender Stratocaster that was all but put away under the bed and left there all but forgotten. I posted some pics to a guitar website and the buzz and feed back was amazing. I did receive some private emails to purchase it and the numbers were good but not sure what the true value is. I can shoot some photos over as well and I do have an original Fender amp my dad purchased as well ( although I believe the amp is earlier then 1962 ). It is a Sunburst color.

Used inventory varies greatly both in Makes, Models and Manufacturers and in quantities. Sometimes you'll find 20 items here, sometimes maybe only 6. Most of the trades we get are in great shape since most of our customers treat their gear incredible well. It's common we'll get guitars in on trade that have less than 20 hours of playtime. Some guys have large collections and enjoy turinng guitars over quickly. Hey, we are here to help and when you buy used, you never lose!

When you buy a used guitar from The Music Gallery, it's goes through the same process as all our new guitars but with the added benefit of having any problems fixed. Stop by the shop to try out what you see below. And if anything inspires you to come on down, bring any trades you may have

One reason to consider the Mexican Fender is the convenience of simply modding and upgrading your guitar. Although the vintage American fenders tend to have a superior sound, sometimes the cost may not justify the additional benefits. You can replace a few materials to change the tone of your guitar instantly.

For being a guitarist, being a part of the Fender American Stratocaster legacy is a big deal. Some of the greatest guitarists have played this instrument like Hendrix, Blackmore, Malmsteen, Gilmore, Beck, and many others. Fender tends to put their high quality of craftsmanship when it comes to their American made fenders. This guitar has been a tradition for over half a century and will be a long-standing tradition for years to come.

Throughout the 49 years Gilmour has owned this Stratocaster it has been considered his working guitar, used to test new ideas and to experiment with various modifications. It has been fitted with various pickups, switches, inputs, pickguards, tailpieces and tuners, and undergone no fewer than six different neck changes. All these alterations were performed in order to achieve the dynamics in tonal quality and playability required by David Gilmour at the time.

This is a list of musicians who have made notable use of the Fender Stratocaster in live performances or studio recordings. The Fender Stratocaster was designed by Leo Fender and Freddie Tavares with involvement from musicians Rex Gallion and Bill Carson in the early 1950s, and since its commercial introduction in 1954 has become widely used among popular artists in rock, blues, and other genres.[1] The Squier Stratocaster is produced by Fender as a more affordable alternative to the Fender-branded version.

The most popular musical instrument in the world is the guitar. They come in all shapes, sizes, and their price range can fluctuate drastically. How drastically? You could buy a used guitar for 20 dollars. Oddly enough, you could also buy another used guitar for two million dollars.

What determines such a wide price fluctuation? Well, there is craftsmanship, materials used, location and expertise of the workers involved, etc. But when it comes to guitars with exorbitant prices, the instrument's history comes into play. And it becomes the most important factor in determining how much money people (very rich people, that is) will pay for it.

Who owned this guitar? What was recorded with it? What concerts were played with it? Where has it been? These questions become even more important than the wood used, type of electronics, and even model. The following list will surely prove it. Without further due, here are the eight most expensive guitars in the world. 041b061a72


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