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What To Buy Your Roommate For Christmas __HOT__

For the roommate who doubles as your bestie, give them this grown-up friendship necklace featuring a gold pinky promise charm. It's dainty, easy to stack, and the perfect way to promise you'll be friends long after you're roomies (unless you wanna promise to be roomies for life instead, which works too, we love a Golden Girls moment).

what to buy your roommate for christmas

Parachute is a favorite for its ultra-comfy and luxe bedding, and this Cloud Cotton Robe captures all of that coziness in loungewear form. Guarantee they will wear this super soft robe around your place 24/7.

Upgrade their skincare routine with this super luxe facial tool that's literally made of 24K gold (v casual). Jillian Dempsey's vibrating sculpting bar is designed to de-puff, tone, and lift your face for a more chiseled and sculpted look. It will also look very chic on display in your bathroom. Yes, pls.

Statement Home's customizable trays can be used for everything from breakfast in bed to coffee tabletop organizers. You can choose from three different tray colors, then customize the look with removable inserts to further personalize (and switch up) the vibe in your home. The insert designs range from neutral tones to bold patterns, animal prints, and even holiday-inspired, so there's something for every aesthetic.

The holiday season is here, and it's time for everyone to scramble to find the best roommate gifts for the year. Whether you want to sing your roommates' praises over Instagram or wish you could trade them in for someone new, there's a gift for everyone on your list.

For the person who has everything, add The Roommate Book to your gift list. This book is full of whimsical drawings and illustrations. In it, expert roommate Becky Simpson discusses the pros and cons of living with friends.

There are certain skincare and beauty products that you'd just prefer to keep cool. Gift your roommate this Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer to level up their beauty game (and so their tubs and tubes aren't hogging the shelves of your fridge).

Tequila lovers unite over these Tequila Salt Shooters featuring rose quartz Himalayan salt. They give your spirits just the right salty flavor. You can make them tastier by storing them in the freezer.

Can't agree on the perfect pictures to display in your apartment? Gift a digital picture frame from NIX. Share the love by cycling photos between your family and your roommate's family. The perfect compromise!

Go for an accessory that can double as a sleep-aid. Blanket scarfs will keep your roommate snuggled in their winter coat while also making a fashion statement. Or if the opportunity arises, it makes the perfect blanket for an impromptu nap in the student union.

Sure you and your roommate might have luscious locks, but how many times have you had to free a hairball the size of a small dog from your drain? Prevent any future arguments about whose turn it is to get elbow-deep in the shower sludge and get a drain cover that will work for everyone.

While on the topic of laptops, a laptop case makes a great gift for a more clumsy roommate. Some people prefer to use hard cases, but nothing beats have a sleek bag to slide your computer into for a quick jaunt to the library or when you want to look professional in a meeting. While higher-quality cases can cost a pretty penny, you can still find some nice ones for somewhere in the $15 to $25 range. Alternatively, a cool phone case can say that you care about your roomie and their electronics.

If, on the other hand, if your roomie likes to stay up late, a book light can help them to see while they work. This gift also sweetly suggests that they stop using the overhead past midnight. Bookstores, travel shops and online retailers all sell these lights, which come in tons of different patterns and colors. Consider getting a clip-on one so your roomie can attach it to their desk or bedframe to light up their life.

Get your roommate something to cuddle up to while they read or binge TV with a decorative throw pillow. You can find a cute or humorous design, or even order one with your own picture printed on it. Show them some love by getting one with a photo of you two on it, or buy them one with puppies or other patterns. After all, the more pillows a room has, the better.

Not only does nail polish adorn your hand with vibrant colors and patterns, but painting your nails acts as a great stress reliever. Your roommate can go crazy with set of 10 quick-dry colors.

If you need an easy way to make your bathroom more chic, think about gifting a stylish soap dish to your roomie this year. They can take one home to their bathroom and leave one in the dorm. Plus, using a soap dish will instantly make you and your roommate feel 100% adult.

College students need coffee more than anything else. So why not give the gift of caffeine and treat your roommate to an entire sampler of new flavors this holiday season? This sample offers four different choices of flavors plus roasting profiles and tips on brewing. Throw in a coffee mug, and watch your roommate become a true connoisseur.

If your roommates love roommate game night, they will appreciate Jenga. Not only will it switch up your rotation of games (and maybe ruin some friendships), it will get you guys up and moving from your board games or card games. If you want to spice up your game night or next party, write in rules on each block to make drunk Jenga! Nothing will entertain you and your friends more than pulling a block that tells you to put it back where you found it or to finish your drink (play at your own risk).

Every roommate (even the one who barely talks to you) will love a fluffy blanket. The cold months are upon us, and if your house likes to wait until the last minute to turn the heat on to save some $$$, a throw blanket could save a life.

Nothing feels better than a cold face mask on a spa night. Gift your roommate a micro-fridge to keep her skincare products cold and refreshing. Because the fridge is so tiny, your roommate can store her products on her desk and still have room for homework.

Is your roommate constantly breaking their phone charger? Buy them a set of cable protectors to avoid the charger from fraying. This set comes with both plain protectors and adorable animal bites, so your roommate can mix and match on every cord they own.

You may have already found the perfect gifts for your friends and family (if not, see our guides to gifts for college girls, boyfriends, best friends, and parents), but you may not have thought of what you are going to get your roommates.

So, you can take advantage of this and purchase this mini glitter picture frame set! This will allow them to decorate their room with your adorable photos or other photos while also having really cute glitter frames to make it even more special.

You have probably been able to tell if your roommate loves coffee if you have seen them make a cup of coffee every morning. Therefore, you should get them a cute mug to go with their morning coffee routine.

Avoid the rush and stop procrastinating. We know it's hard to buy for someone that has it all or may not need anything specific, but it's the thought the counts. Whether you like them or not, there's an obligation to get a little something for the person you share your space with.

Tapestries are definitely in right now. They're a great way to express yourself in your home without it coming off as tacky. Beautiful tapestries come in virtually any style and can reflect anyone's taste.

With their whimsical patterns and focused relaxation properties, your roommate will die for their adult coloring book this Christmas. Maybe consider a fun, TV-themed book like this Bob's Burgers coloring book or a more tranquil book like the Color Super Cute Animals coloring book.

It seems pretty straight-forward, but "The Roommate Book" is a comprehensive guide to co-existing. It has fun quizzes, easy recipes and tons of humorous info about living with another person. Your roommate will enjoy reading this book and it will also likely help you both live a bit more peacefully.

Ever go grocery shopping? What about yoga or to the gym? How many times a day do you find yourself with your hands too full? The solution for all of these situations is a tote bag. If you can imagine yourself using one, chances are your roommate will be into it, too.

Plus, buying your roommate a canvas tote bag allows for a ton of creativity on your part. If you do some browsing on sites like Etsy or CafePress, you'll find virtually limitless options of tote bag designs. Think about your roommate's favorite foods, activities, TV shows, celebrities or causes and see if you can find a bag to match.

Your kitchen is probably a hodgepodge of chipped IKEA dishes and inherited plates from your parents, so buy your roommate a lovely new cup for their morning caffeine jolt. They'll feel instantly grateful to have a unique mug, and over the holidays, you can share hot chocolate together, too.

Who doesn't love Jenga? The super fun game, where you pull the small tiles until gravity takes its course, comes in a miniature version. Grab this for the roommate who enjoys a good game night and needs a little more flair for their home office. It's a great way to pass the time while they brainstorm or are on a call.

If your roommate caught the wanderlust bug, grab them a passport cover to keep their passport and documents in a safe place. Get it monogrammed with their initials for an extra special touch. For a gift under $20, it will sure hit all the marks.

If your roommate has a green thumb (or hopes to have one!), get them this indoor herb kit. This option is a more charming mason jar system, while this option is a fancier, sleeker and more robust model.

Dorm room walls can get pretty boring, but the good news is there are plenty of ways to hang gallery wall art without leaving a mess. Show some roommate love by gifting them a poster of their favorite musician, movie, or quote. Supply them with washi tape rolls as fun dorm room wall decor accents. 041b061a72


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