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Atlantis Word Processor | Portable

Atlantis offers many features standard in other word processors. But it lacks some important features like collaboration.[3] The present version of Atlantis Word Processor is not suitable for creating complex scientific documents with mathematical formulae and embedded objects.

Atlantis Word Processor | Portable

The greatest word processor available (BY FAR). Because it is FAST, takes just 1.4mb RAM upon launch, and does not include any bloated features that 99 percent of customers would never use. And don't believe the complaints about installation issues... Some folks are experiencing issues that are unrelated to the programme in question.

This is a great little word processor. However, it won't correctly do Avery label templates which is a deal killer for me. I bought it several years ago and used it for a bit and just tried the latest version. Would I rather have

Great! Very light, and just the features you need for an every day word processor. Has 95% of the features of WinWord with 5% of the bulk. I especially like the way it uses WordWeb thesaurus, and has an inline spell checker. Try it, you won't be disappointed!

Great program. Love the recently added ability to create epub files for ebook readers. Much easier to use Atlantis for this than, say, Sigil or BookDesigner if you have a lot of formatting changes to make, what with Atlantis's excellent Styles implementation. This assumes you can get your source into Atlantis, which you usually can if you get creative. Output files work great on Sony and Hanlin ereaders (the only devices I have available). A friend of mine says they also look good on his iPod Touch using the Stanza reader program.It's good to see a word processor actually developing new features to keep up with modern trends such as the rising popularity of ebooks, rather than just relying on poorly-written third-party plugins to do the job for them. Seems like a lot of word processors these days seems to be primarily interested in reshuffling their user interface.

Having looked at the mess of a UI (from the screenshot) I wasn't overly hopeful - seriously how to make a program look confusing - stick 1000 icons all over it.I installed it nonetheless.. erm, it was... well it was ok. Not terrible, but not that good either. OK I didnt' test it thoroughly, but to be honest that was because it's so damn fugly - it's really horrible to use. I found use it, even in basic form, just.. lacking.. somehow. If it was free, I'd say, ok, maybe it'd be worth hanging on to. But There are some pretty good freeware word processors already: Abiword, Openoffice (if you can stand the huge download) Heck, even wordpad is ok when there's nothing else. Openoffice, is significantly better than this, Abiword is too, and Abiword is also a lot lot easier to use also. Openoffice & Abiword are portable, so I really can't find a reason why I'd ever use this. It's not good, it's not free and there are cheaper and better alternatives out there.Sorry, to dis this, clearly there's a lot of work gone into it - but when there are good freeware apps out there shareware apps need to up their game and be significantly better. This, sadly, just isn't

Bottom Line: The greatest word processor available (BY FAR). Because it is FAST, takes just 1.4mb RAM upon launch, and does not include any bloated features that 99 percent of customers would never use. And don't believe the complaints about installation issues... Some folks are experiencing issues that are unrelated to the programme in question.

Atlantis is an interesting professional word processor designed for the convenience of users. Compact, fast downloadable, but very powerful and effective text editing tool. Atlantis is the ideal tool for textile processing tasks, from the simplest to the most complex.

No matter if you're a beginner or an advanced user, the Atlantis word processor has all the tools you need to create highly professional documents. With the original and practical Control Panel you can create and manage all the components of complex documents with inimitable ease: sections, fields, headers and footers, newspaper columns, lists of boulettes and numbering, styles, bookmarks, footnotes and explanations, etc.

Atlantis Word Processor is an easy-to-use, beautiful, highly customizable word processor that can be used by both beginner users for ordinary daily tasks and professionals who need more advanced features and possibilities.

Being an offline word processor program, it enables you to do your writing with no need to have access to the internet. Being portable is another great feature of this word processor that enables you to use this application anywhere on any computer.

You can install and enjoy all features of this word processor for 30 days without any limitations. This word processor has spell checker add-ons for more than 25 languages that make you independent from any third-party services.

The other tools included in the word processor enable you to make the program full screen and horizontal. You can use vertical rulers and spell checker to check the words for typos and underline them.

Sometimes you need to make a content and save it in a special format for sharing or any other purposes. Most of the word processor tools can not save documents in special extensions like Amazon Kindle (MOBI) or EPUB formats. Atlantis Word Processor can do that job for you with no need to use any third-party tools.

You have a nice word processor running under the Windows operating system, it used to be called Atlantis Ocean Mind and was designed so that any user can professionally process the text, suitable for both new users and real experts. You can download Atlantis Word Processor in the full news. It is necessary to immediately pay attention to the user interface, it is similar to the more well-known word processor Microsoft Word, just before the version of 2007, after we know, the interface of the older brother was transformed.

Atlantis Word Processor is a very powerful and feature-rich word processor that allows you to create a wide variety of informative documents. With a huge set of tools, users can do any work here, with maximum quality and high speed.

Download Atlantis Word Processor: Rarely do you feel the need to try new things that may ultimately result in unexpected pleasure, as far as word processors are concerned, the best known is undoubtedly Microsoft Word by Windows users, but it is not the only alternative, Atlantis Word Processor is a light and accurate alternative that addresses the task of a word processor.

It has a portable and installable version which can be installed on a USB flash drive so you can have your portable word processor. With the Atlantis system different users will be able to use and take advantage of many of the functions and personalized texts that are offered, with different fonts, colors, graphics, tables and a lot of different structures that can serve for a good professional design.

You should have a look at SSuite Office for a free word processor. It has almost all the features of Word, and looks and works the same. except for the ribbons. Their word processor is called WordGraph.

I came upon your page looking for a small word processor to put on my Asus Eee. Looking at the software I have installed on my desktop, I find the Open Office appears to take 401 MB and MS Office to take 81.6 MB. This based upon a quick execution of TreeSize. It appears that there is a hefty price to pay to use your favorite. 041b061a72


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