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Vxp File Games

I also try creating an appmanager folder on my SD card, then my phone's internal storage, then copy the vxp file there, but in the app list, there is still no app other than stock apps, and the vxp file still not run.

Vxp File Games

I downloaded some vxp files from , put to my SD card and run from it. Some will work, for example the Asphalt 6 Game, but some won't, for example the Gold rush game, they yelt Can't open this app at the moment.

I checked the format of the Asphalt 6 game 's vxp with the file command, and it said data. But I check my Default.vxp, it was ELF. I think this is the problem, but don't know how to convert/pack ELF to vxp.

I copy the vxp file to my SD card, plug it in the phone, then open the vxp file. The application refused to run, says can't open this app at the moment. I tried other resolution in the SDK, other SDK version (they have SDK 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0), using different compiler (GCC), and it still doesn't run.

Check my vxp file with file, it outputs Default.vxp: ELF 32-bit LSB shared object, ARM, EABI5 version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, interpreter /usr/lib/, not stripped, but I don't know how to make it statically linked, even passing -static option to GCC doesn't work. (Maybe the problem is here)

I found there are some vxp store online (most are *, I don't know why), for example I tried downloading some vxp files, put it onto my SD card and run it. Some apps work, while some don't. Some apps work for Nokia 220 but not work on Nokia 225, for example the Advengers VXP works on Nokia 220 but not on Nokia 225 (Nokia 225 has bigger screen, so I think app resolution is the problem)

and 2 files extracted from 2 Zlib compressed data, using file on 2 files output the file type data. Using python -m binwalk -B -A for the first file at offset 0 shows many ARM instructions (which seems to be reasonable since the phone was based on Mediatek ARM chip).

I am also trying reversing the phone's firmware to find out how vxp file loaded and executed. After doing some Google Search I found some example firmware source code for the MAUI platform (you can think of it like an OS), like this repo, but I cannot find out how it load vxp files.

Before the smartphones we know today were staples of mainstream culture, mobile phones, and their technology were pretty rudimentary and often relied on apps made in Java seeing as the language was designed to be portable (though Windows Mobile and Symbian were also somewhat popular as proto-smartphone platforms of choice). This didn't keep games from being developed for these platforms. Casual simplistic games and rip-offs of retro franchises thrived, but it attracted some genuinely fun games that forever remained obscure, such as those from Gameloft.

The situation is quite different in Japan where mobile hardware was much more developed, only loosely Java-based, and major video game developers were much more invested in creating unique and high-quality content that's most obscure and unpreserved, let alone emulated, today. Those are the very different Galapagos mobile phones (like NTT DoCoMo i-mode, DeNa, RoID...). Some of these games got ported to the inferior Western hardware but these are in the tiny minority.

A free cross-platform language capable of working in devices with highly reduced capabilities. It was basically Java stripped down to the bare essentials.While originally not intended for games (until its more advanced game-oriented API came), it became the de facto market standard for cell phone gaming - due in no small part to the SDK being free and without licensing costs.

Mascot Capsule 3D is a proprietary 3D graphics engine developed by Hi Corporation. It was mostly used in Japanese cellphone devices, but it also made it overseas featured in many Sony Ericsson devices. Many developers made use of this tech to bring higher quality 3D graphics on the Sony Ericsson version of their J2ME games.

Currently, the Android-exclusive J2ME Loader is able to run most of the 2D and 3D J2ME games with the Mascot Capsule 3D exclusive games. On desktops KEmulator and FreeJ2ME should suffice for most games, but there's a minority of games making use of obscure vendor-specific APIs supported only on their respective SDK tools. Given the scarcity of such tools, this list aims to comprehensively list the available ones for convenience.

Mophun is an even more hardware-efficient free European-centric mobile gaming solution developed by Swedish company Synergenix Interactive AB. There are two versions of Mophun, 2D for low-end (Sony Ericsson T2xx, T3xx and T6xx series) and 3D for high-end handsets (Symbian S60 and UIQ3 phones), and it's often used to provide embedded (pre-installed) games on mobile phone handsets.

Japanese mobile manufacturer NTT DoCoMo released DoJa (DoCoMo's Java) as part of their i-mode set of standards for mobile telephony. It is based on Java ME CLDC, but not MIDP. The profile received several updates, being later renamed to "Star". It was used on DoCoMo's mova and FOMA series of mobile phones, being first featured on the mova 503i from 2001.

GNEX (General & Next Multimedia Player): GVM3XA mobile platform that eliminates the limitations of the existing GVM and further strengthens functions such as file system, network, and graphics. GNEX is an upgraded version of GVM, and has the advantage of having few capacity restrictions and fast speed, but its penetration has fallen significantly compared to GVM. Therefore, when releasing a GNEX version of a game, we developed both the GVM version and the GNEX version to support phones that do not support GNEX

WIPI a national middleware platform standard in South Korea. Almost all cellphone games released in South Korea from 2002 to 2009 were developed as WIPI.SKT (GNEX, SKVM), KTF (BREW), LGT (MIDP-JAVA), etc. are these, and they are currently converting to an integrated platform called WIPI. After conversion to an integrated platform called WIPI, mobile games have higher quality graphics and game ability than before.

MiniJ is a lightweight mobile platform developed by Hangzhou Sky Network Technology Co., Ltd. and it's widespread in China (and in some other countries). It has excellent overall performance and could run applications and games smoothly with very limited hardware resources. MiniJ applications are written in C programming language.

A mobile development platform by Qualcomm, originally intended for CDMA handsets such as those sold by Verizon. Unlike Java ME, applications and games for BREW use native code as opposed to running in a virtual machine in the case of Java ME. Also, BREW development has a higher barrier to entry due to stringent certification requirements, which led it to be significantly less popular than Java ME even in markets where CDMA has a significant market share, such as in North America. To top it all off, downloaded BREW apps are tied to an individual handset via a digital signature, making piracy or sideloading difficult; it is however possible to unlock certain BREW-enabled CDMA phones to run backups and pirated apps, though downloads for BREW apps and games are rare and hard to find compared to Java ME.

Zeebo is a brazilian video game console and online distribution platform developed and released with developing markets in mind, also runs on BREW. Dumps of the Zeebo and its games exist, and gameplay footage of them have been uploaded on YouTube.

Danger OS uses special files called "bundles". Bundle files have the extension .bndl. Bundles have inside a custom resource format for storing assets and code which is converted from Java bytecode into a custom bytecode format. Each bundle file is linked to a specific operating system version and build number. For example, a bundle file for v3.4/155053 (T-Mobile Sidekick 3) would be denied installation on a v3.3/149695 device (T-Mobile Sidekick iD). Installation of bundles require a developer key to be installed on your device if you are using a Production OS. Internal OS builds do not require developer keys.

Earlier black & white cellphone games (both in Japan and worldwide) didn't get as much love either when it comes to emulation and preservation of game binaries. There were, however, recreations of Snake and Space Impact for Nokia phones on their website at one time, along with remakes of the aforementioned games for Android and iOS. There are several Nokia phone models with MAME support, though they are preliminary at best with most models displaying a "CONTACT SERVICE" error if not a white screen.

Released in 2000 by Microsoft as their first mobile OS, originally called "Pocket PC" and made to run on PDA's, the name changed to Windows Mobile when the PDA market began to shrink. WM was initially based on Windows CE before evolving into something unique. It was mainly designed for business users, so it didn't have a lot of games for it.

File used by the Maui Runtime Environment (MRE) SDK, a phone application development platform; contains an application (commonly games) and all of its resources; similar to a .JAR file; used by mobile phones, such as those made by Cherry Mobile.

The team has independently researched the Mobile Application file format and Windows apps listed on this page. Our goal is 100% accuracy and we only publish information about file types that we have verified.

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