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Sulphur And White

3. Throughout fermentation, sulphur may be added at any time, but most often at the end of fermentation to stop or prevent malolactic fermentation (the transformation of malic acid into lactic acid), which is usually more wanted in red wine than in white.

Sulphur and White

Sulphur, at very low levels, can be a friend to wine, preventing oxidation and keeping it from turning into vinegar (which sometimes happens with extreme winemakers who work completely without sulphur). However, its excessive use (on average above 40g for red and 60g for a dry white wine) will influence the taste.

Low sulphur concentration in hydrocarbon products as fuels or lubricants is an important requirement for the high quality standards of refineries. A non-polarised energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (EDXRFS) and sample combustion technique (ASTM D6428-99) was compared. A new application of energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry as analytical method for the determination of sulphur in fuels and fuel-like fractions was investigated. Low sulphur containing fuels and hydrocarbon mixtures obtained by thermal cracking of waste polymers were measured and the influence of C/H ratio on accuracy was studied. The concentration of sulphur in samples was measured with calibration graphs of different hydrocarbon matrices (commercial gasoline, diesel oil and white oil were used). Good correlation was observed between the different methods, but the correlation was depending on the characteristics of the matrices. Detection limits of 1.0ppm, 1.1ppm and 0.9ppm were obtained for S in gasoline, diesel oil and white oil, respectively. 041b061a72


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