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Download Alchemy of Souls Season 2: The Epic Fantasy Drama Continues

Naksu dying in the end and maybe Jang Uk too seems like a feasible ending. It is true that Naksu had a bitter and painful past; however, the moment she chose to let her anger and rage took over her senses and in a way lead harm to some innocent people, she has become a criminal. Yes she was used by Jin Mu, but she actively participated in his plans wherein lives of young people were lost (I believe innocent ones). Those lives that were taken from performing alchemy of souls to shift the souls of old mages to younger bodies. Also, from the moment Jang Uk hid the truth about Mudeok being Naksu, he was aiding and abetting a criminal. Again, when innocent lives are lost in your quest for revenge, you have become a perpetrator in a way. So I guess, Naksu, prolly Jang Uk too, has to receive some kind of punishments. Death by doing good? Possibly. Any plot is welcome, as long as it will absolve all of the wrongs that they have done and that they can finally be remembered as saviours, not an assassin or a product of alchemy of souls. In saying that, I hope Jin Mu will meet an excruciating ending befitting to an evilest antagonist.

Hey sorry I'm seeing your comment late. Yes, Hong sis havent written anything good to me since master's sun - and that was also another weird plot that worked because GHJ and SJS are seasoned actors who can generate chemistry. I've dropped all their other works since. Yes I also dropped AOS S1 at some point cos I got frustrated at how Uk was made to be some star of the show and MD was treated second class and used as a plot device to further his development.I've since dropped S2 (at ep 4?) because it feels like I'm watching a totally new show. Yes! I don't understand Uk's reactions here and Buyeon/whatever her name is annoy me - both the character and the actress. It turned out exactly as how I predicted - that it will feel like Uk is falling with another girl altogether and that's exactly how it is playing out. This buyeon/whatever has zero continuation from Naksu/MD of S1 it's like watching a newly created character.And yes to ur last para! I feel like im watching some middle school romance between a tsundere character and a naive annoying maiden. Where's the alchemy in all this? Also the villians are still ard and nobody is doing anything to them except flinging random insults, treating them like annoying colleagues/neighbours. It's all kinda silly tbh

how can i download alchemy of souls season 2

I actually thought the explanation for the original soul-shift was hugely validating! A lot of Beanies had been speculating that Bu-yeon was too powerful to just let herself be taken over, and she also wasn't the person Naksu was trying to shift with. That and the fact that she showed herself to be still present whenever Naksu was unconscious showed that the situation was different, so a lot of us thought that the alchemy of souls there had not been a normal one.

The cursed bells do give me pause a little, but maybe they work based on the fact that there is a body/soul mismatch, and not based on the fact that a true alchemy of souls happened. We know that Mu-deok didn't have a normal mark on her shoulder, but she did have a gap between her body and soul that the dog could sense. Bu-yeon mediating it also explains why she never ran wild until then.


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