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FUC A Montreal Blow Job

Back in North America, in 1996, Waye was working at the doomed Cargo Records. Waye had come to Montreal in the early nineties to study business administration at McGill University but instead got a job at the label. By the time 1996 rolled around, Cargo was going down and leaving a trail of bad-business stink. Waye knew he'd best look for a new gig. He also knew that, at the time, the licencing for Ninja Tune's releases in North America was in the hands of Instinct/Shadow Records. Instinct is an electronic music label that came up in 1990 when Moby, their first signing, got noticed by the public, and Shadow is a spin-in-off dance label started in 1995. The US-based Instinct/Shadow was picking and choosing which Ninja releases it would license, but then selectively changing album names, album art and track titles to what they thought would suit a North American audience. Clearly, the wit and edgy art did not need changing: at that point, the original UK label had been around for six years and was successful enough to branch into North America. Waye had contacts at Ninja thanks to Cargo, so he spent his last few months there laying the groundwork for Ninja's fresh North American face. The day after he quit Cargo, Ninja North America was up and running, and just in time for DJ Shadow's Mowax debut blow it wide open for the kind of instrumental hip-hop mélanges Ninja was fond of hawking.

FUC A Montreal Blow Job



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